The Ground Work for Success

It seems as if every successful business owner has their own secret weapon. Some time ago, as I was going through a rough patch of trying to figure out balance, I considered my friends who met that empirical success, and I started to ask them questions. One prominent thread became so obvious amongst them all, it practically smacked me across my cheek.

Though it seemed from the outside they were doing it all, they actually weren’t. And I think it’s very important to mention that “doing it all” portion of success, especially as a woman. Personally, at this particular time, with scheduling a bit chaotic all around the house, a career, and two children, doing it all meant still being able to run the house while I ran my business. Doing it all meant finding the time to be helpful in the classroom, mop the floors, contribute to this space, style a shoot, write for myself, and deliver on a passion project, all the while pretending that I had enough patience to fill the depths of the ocean. And of course, enough love too. In hindsight, it’s totally irrational.

What I realized when examining these women is simple: they all had help in some form. Simple, right? And yet, it’s hard to commit ourselves to ask for and receive help. Whether it arrives in the form of a babysitter, a friend, a weekly housecleaner, or an assistant, we often reject this particular sense of community. It’s reserved for someone else, we say. I now reject that misconception entirely.

Before these women I spoke with reached top-level success, they had already set the groundwork in the midst of struggle by delegating some of the burdens of everyday life. Yes, to be able to do so is a privilege; but to make your goals a dream while still leading a healthy and somewhat balanced life is an even bigger privilege, worth the risks of scrambling and simply finding the way while you lay that ground work.

P.S Not Doing It all in other ways.

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