3 Winter – Spring Transition Looks

How good are you at transitioning your clothes for the seasons? I feel like I’m sort of breezing through this year with all the warm, then cold. Then warm again. It gives me time to grab for a layer or two or three, if necessary. Oddly enough, there’s more room to think about what I’m wearing because I’m not thrown into the normal pit of winter then bam, summer!

Here are a few simple ways I’m transitioning this season….

 A blazer. Mine is from The Deep End Club, but any will do. I love the idea of sticking to dark jeans when wearing a lighter blazer. But on this particular day, a pair of trousers to make this pink love official did the trick.

 A neck scarf. I love a banadana as much as the next person, but a silk neck scarf that can wrap around a few times is the trick! It’s stylish and warm and can be thrown in your bag without fuss if you get too warm.

A trench coat goes a long way, especially when transitioning seasons. You can layer it with a sweater under, or s simple t-shirt on warmer days. I paired mine up with wide-legged pants, but a pair of skinny jeans and canvas sneakers would look amazing, as well.

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