13 Ways To Get Motivated For The Month

March always seems to be the month that lasts a little too long. It may be the anticipation of spring, or the back and forth weather of sorts. I always tend to think it’s a mixture of both. Especially, in New York. My mind is wanting to put the car in drive, where there are blossoms hanging overhead and back-less clogs worn. And my mind is still here, hovering with one too many layers on two little ones.

Nevertheless, I always find the need to strike the cord of motivation at the start of the month. It’s like Monday times four. For me, a little motivation goes a long way, so I try and just make a small list of things I need to do or see or read, to get me going.

Here are just a few…

+ If you’re in New York, Georgia O’Keefe at the Brooklyn Museum 

+ Invest in a bathing suit...in anticipation

+ Read the words of undiscovered literary masters

+ Lose yourself in local revolutionary cinema 

+ Catch up with old friends 

+ Unplug

+ Then replug and re-follow inspiring and artistic accounts

+ Listen to forgotten favorite music

+ Listen to someone without interjecting

+ Organize your cabinets and your junk drawers

+ Buy flowers locally

+ Journal

+ Dance

(image via Katie)

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