A Few Inspiring Things

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but two of the most accessible brands have launched game changing new collections. J.Crew, launched it’s intimates. Which, lets be honest, I haven’t worn a bra in forever. But the tones and the fit look sexy and comfortable, and I’m excited to get mine in the mail.

Everlane, launched it’s own version of the most trendy pant of 2016, which is now riding high into 2017. My first pair were vintage, this pair is from Old Navy, and I’m interested to see if in fact they are the most flattering. Some people just don’t cut them correctly. If anyone could do it right, I’m guessing Everlane could. Right?

Every Saturday morning I listen to this podcast. Any others you suggest?

My best friend, who is new to the corporate work space suggested that we’d feature women and their experiences. I’ve been developing the framework for new content, and I think this may be a great addition. Is this something that would interest you? I would love to know.

I skipped fashion week this season for Puerto Rico! It was such an amazing trip, but I’m still loving all the street style captured. 

I’m off to go add this book to my collection as a Friday treat!

I can’t leave without saying that I just sent off this week’s newsletter. There’s a little sign-up form over to your right.

And if you have a few extra bucks, the ACLU is doing tremendous work these days

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  • Reply Rhonelle Romeo February 18, 2017 at 11:46 pm

    As for Podcasts every Wednesday I listen to The Friend Zone such a great dynamic between the three of them. Funny , informative, big take on wellness and just their experiences in this world.

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