2 Ways To Dress Up A Puffer Coat

Over Christmas, Peter broke our gifting rule and splurged on a coat he was convinced I needed. We had the same coat discussions over the years. He believed that my vintage coats weren’t real coats, and I became convinced that a puffer coat of some sort would force me into more casual attire than I’d like. Like everyone else, I have preconceived ideas about certain garments before commiting. There are things that just seem too much of one thing or the next, things I am not convinced I need, and then there are things I need that I am not convinced I want to have. A “real” coat fell into one of those categories.

Truth be told, I am obsessed with this coat, and have found my own personal balance in dressing it up. If you’re interested, here are two super easy ways to dress up a puffer coat.

Socks and Gold Chanel Mary Janes (similar here). I keep a few good pairs of metallic shoes for a fancy night or two, but these shoes can be worn in the daytime to dress up any look. Especially a a look paired with a puffer coat. For an extra touch of fancy, I wore a gold vintage clutch, but truth be told, the shoes did the work on their own.

Ankle length skirt and ankle boots. My favorite easy dress-up go-to has been the ankle boot. All of mine have a little heel, but are comfortable and easy to wear when running after kids.

There was a certain point in time when I only wore long skirts! It’s funny to think about now that I love wearing jeans with boots, but it was a comfortable style for me for a bit. Now that I wear jeans more often than not, I love revising the style as an easy dress up option.

Okay, so as it turns out, Peter does know a thing or two about style.Well, more about function. Recently, I took this coat on vacation with me, and was surprised to find a little pouch connected to the coat so I could just squeeze it in to make it compact. Genius!

(Photography by Julia Elizabeth for LaTonya Yvette)

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