3 Ways| Classic Core Pieces This Year

This post is in partnership with Of A Kind 

I’ve spent the last week and a half purging and rearranging our apartment and closets. I’ve held on to pieces with hope to sell or give away to a friend or a follower, filled bags for donations to those in need. In the end, there was no time to post an online sale or text a friend, so everything got bagged and off it all went.


It would be naïve for me to believe I’m the only sort of personality who needs this cleansing. Many of you probably recently tilted your heads and squinted at your wardrobes, which filled up over the course of 2016. When times were rough last year, dressing myself became my true escape. When mundane work took over, creativity through garments showed up all over me. And while I love this side of me, I also love the refresh button that gets hit with a new year.

As such, I’ve partnered with lovely ladies at Of a Kind to help launch their new Permanent Collection by Of a Kind! This collection will no-doubt live years past the great purge of 2017, with only five core pieces that can be worn day or night, on any size, shape, or personality. Of a Kind describes the collection as “classic, with a twist.” From flippy skirts and jacquard tops and, of course, an oxford top that can be tucked in or tied up at the naval or simply used as a layer over a swimsuit this summer.

Here’s how we put looks together that will hopefully inspire you to pare down while still showcasing your own creativity at the core.

Britni’s look is classic with a bit of current flare. The ankle boots paired with her ivory mini skirt, shows off her killer legs. I chose green socks for practicality. With her eyes and her favorite earrings, it all just pops. With the classic oxford shirt tucked in, the look showcases her beautiful figure.

Nicole’s everyday look naturally has a lot of spice. As a born and raised New Yorker, she knows how to add her own personal flare on classic samples. For her look, I layered Of A Kind’s Ivory Floral Jacquard top over the oxford shirt. For a little bit of attitude, we added Nicole’s red boots and oversized hoop earrings, and a necklace used as a bracelet. When it’s warmer, she could wear the same look with a basic top instead of the layers. And while it’s cold, she can pair it with her favorite tights.

For my look, I wanted to challenge myself and play around with black. (Which I loved!) For my signature pop of color, I wore orange lipstick. I paired it with large earrings, but could have easily went with studs. I played around with lengths by wearing grey knit knee-highs and black oxfords, which made me feel flirty.

I have grabbed for my black jacquard skirt four times since this shoot. Not just because the piece is classic, but because it is extremely comfortable. The cut is flattering and texture is an easy solution for someone who wants to feel slightly fancy on a non-fancy day. Most recently, I threw it over a pair of leggings I had been wearing all day long, with ankle boots and a turtleneck for a quick run to dinner with friends. With earrings and lipstick, I looked and felt like a million bucks. But as we head toward warmer weather in the coming weeks, I’ll be packing my oxford shirt to be tucked into shorts and paired with a classic pair of Stan Smiths.

This is what I wish for in the new year ,for all of you and your wardrobes: Less effort, more fun.

(Photography by Maia Harms, Hair by Rubi Jones, Makeup by Laramie, Styling and creative direction by LaTonya Staubs. This post is in partnership with Of a Kind, thank you for supporting them as they supported this entire all-women shoot and LaTonya Yvette)

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