Maker’s Gift Guide: Nikisha Brunson

From Thanksgiving on, we enter into what we call the most wonderful time of the year. And as it is so; it is the time for gifting (and receiving)—and wonderful, like they say, that comes with some pressure. For me, gifting is a sign of hearing and seeing someone; it’s a test of paying attention. As humans, we need to pay attention; as a blogger, I try to emphasize that. 

It’s in that spirit that wanted to share a series of gift guides. These guides will pay attention to the WOMEN makers and the people and organizations that they support and love. I want to know what drives them to create, and in turn, support their creations. 

As this blog, my own creative outlet, has become a full-time job over the last two-years, I wanted to make a point of bringing other creators and their creations to my readers. Over the next three weeks, you’ll get to meet six women makers and the gifts they are considering for their loved ones this year. And as a bonus, some of them will offer discounts or giveaways, along with sharing organizations they are supporting in this season of giving. 

What keeps the world spinning? Those who give. With that in mind, I really hope you enjoy these gift guides. 

-What do the holidays mean to you?
As a Christian the holidays remind me it’s not about material things but to be grateful for the birth of Jesus and why he came.

Cooking For Artists for my mother-in law.

Big Spoon Roasters Seasonal Nut Butter Set for my sister and brother in-law

Chay Palo Santo candle for my friend. 
– A product of your very own that you love (makes a good gift)?

-One organization you would like readers, friends, and family to donate to this holiday season?

Thank you so much Nikisha! You can follow Nikisha and Folie Apothecary on instagram. Illustrations by Cali Sales for LaTonya Yvette

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