Cheers To 2017! (And A Survey)

I hope you had a happy Christmas with your family and friends! We are laying low and I’m catching up on plenty of rest and working on being present with my little ones. The blog will be back on January 3rd, but in preparation for the year, we wanted to do a little survey to get an idea of what to bring to you in 2017. This is our very first survey, but I think it’ll give us a good idea on what you’re coming here for and what you want to see from us.

Thank you all so much for the endless love and support this year. It has been an amazing year for my personal career and creative endeavors, with incredible strides and lots of learning. As we close out, I hope that some of you hold on to hope a little longer, as I know it has also been a politically and racially charged year that has all of us so tired. We’ve got to keep going, and I’m happy you are here with me on that train.

Lots of love. The survey is right here. Thank you advance!!!

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