Are You Staying Home This Holiday?

With only TWO more days until Christmas, it seems as if the topic of conversation has switched from last-minute shopping, to where we’re headed to celebrate. This is the first year we are staying home completely. No trains, no buses, and not a visit from my local family who remains just a few miles away.  We mailed gifts to each other sometime ago, and I have a gut feeling we were all feeling this slight relief from our rambunctious celebrations this year.

While I love spending time with everyone, I am certain that this shift in our Christmas celebrations will get us one step closer to feeling refreshed and rested for the New Year.

Here are just a few things we plan on doing:

1. Pajamas most of the day. Peter and I are off to go buy matching pajamas (wish us luck!),  this morning. We’re excited to stay in them most of the day. We plan on opening them up on Christmas Eve before bath time and stories.

2. Serve bottomless blueberry pancakes and coffee after we open gifts.

3. Take an empty train ride to the city and take in all the magic and quiet it offers on Christmas day.

4. FaceTime with family and friends who we couldn’t spend the day with.

5. Take a family nap. Or at least try. 😉

6. Cook a whole chicken with vegetables. It’s a signature dish of mine.

7. Long baths at bedtime, followed by oil massages.

8. After the kids go down, A Very Murray Christmas and our favorite ice cream in our designated couch spots.

Are you staying home this holiday? If so, what are your plans? Amanda asked readers, “When do you start transitioning Christmas to your own home as a family?” I loved all the answers in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Are You Staying Home This Holiday?

  • Reply Triana Rocha December 23, 2016 at 11:13 pm

    this sounds like perfection and we are also doing a lot of these too!
    we do christmas pjs that we open christmas eve, pancake breakfast and coffee after presents in the morning, FaceTime with distant family and friends, and a "roast beast" just like in the grinch book (which is just a pernil, pork shoulder for the non hispanic) for dinner.
    I love staying home in NYC for the holidays.
    there is no place like home for the holidays!!

  • Reply Emikos Werid Unexplained thoughts December 24, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    I love the whole list. Though my family really doesn't celebrate it, we are all off so we do things over the course of a week. We eat together , its more like playing cards against humanity and eating lots of different foods. From Spanish beans and rice to ribs( and sushi). Though we are new yorkers we are in DC . We will be there for the end of the year. But we will be taking train rides and getting dumplings after 5pm tomorrow . Him and I really just discovered that we do this every year. Enjoy!!!

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