Hands Free At Home This Holiday Season

Even though Thanksgiving is behind us, there are still a ton of celebrations ahead of us, so I’ve been trying my best to pace myself. Peter and I have already written down River’s Christmas list in an effort to stay ahead, and my texts with my family about the holidays are generally more calm than usual.

With that said my hands are often full. Whether it be the kids, housework, school, work, or dinner at my place with my girls, I need to be available and have free hands. Honestly, music has made all the ins and outs of home so much more enjoyable. My children think singers like Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Sam Cooke, and Marvin Gaye are still out there beltin’ tunes, and we like it that way for now. For the past week, we’ve been trying the new Google Home by Google to play our tunes around the apartment, and it’s been so much fun! Have you heard of it? Prior to receiving one, I saw all of the commercials on tv, and started to tear a little. The holiday commercials really get me!

If you’re unfamiliar, Google Home is a smart device that fits seamlessly within your home as it streams your music from Google Play or other leading service (we use Spotify). With a simple command, “Okay, Google, Play You Send Me by Sam Cooke!” Google Home, will play it. (Oak kind of freaked out on Saturday after we returned from the farmers market and we blasted The Itsy Bitsy Spider, so that he could help me unpack the groceries and River could help me place the eucalyptus I just bought in the vases). Amongst other cool things, I can simply ask Google Home if I need my jacket, and it’ll tell me the weather in Brooklyn. Or it will play my favorite podcast or give me current news; you name it, our Google Home can comb for it and recite it over our speakers.

With the upcoming holidays and just overall busy season ahead, I can see how this can be a great gift for a few of my girlfriends who never seem to have enough hands.

Bonus: With each purchase of a Google Home, you receive 6 months free of YouTube Red!

Okay, I want to hear about what’s on your wish list that you are sure will make your days a little more enjoyable and easier?

This post in in partnership with Google Home. Thank you for supporting our partners.

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