Experience New York: Hike Up Bear Mountain

There’s this misconception that if you live in New York, you are often confined to the walls of your small apartment. While I do admit that it takes a certain capacity and tolerance to live in a city with millions, I don’t think it is a skill that you can not attain. Especially if your reason for not living in this city or question of how we do it, has something to do with us lacking outdoor experience.
Here’s a fun fact: We are never home. We sleep at home, but even on lazy days, we aren’t home. I am naturally a busybody, and my children have inherited the shaker in me. Peter, on the other hand grew up in the woods. So his penchant for moving his body is something he knows distinctly. Seeing and experiencing New York (outside of the city), is easy. Within an hour the city turns to dust in the distance and you are shown expansive lands, lakes to swim, towns with feasts, and mountains to hike. Experiencing this as a family this spring, summer, and now fall, has been the greatest gift. 
Speaking of gifts, we are all wearing the sweetest gifts from Misha & Puff, a brand that we have loved and supported throughout the years. I am wearing the adult popcorn sweater in nutmeg. There were only 100 of these hand-knit and dyed sweaters made, and mine is number 56, signed by the artisan in Peru who worked on it. River is wearing the Popcorn sweater in ink  and Oak is wearing the North Wind Coat. 
When needing fresh air, how do you get active?  A few photos from our hike up Bear Mountain below. 

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