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This weekend, Peter and I decided to go on a little date. No matter how tired, sick, or lazy we felt, a date was definitely called for. With the up and down weather, and many days working on opposite ends of the city, it’s good to get dressed up, hop on the train, and walk hand in hand in the cold city night. We decided to skip dinner and cozy up for a movie. I am a sucker for movie theater popcorn, so any excuse to head to the theater is a good one to me.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting for Loving to premiere, and it finally did this month! We read the children’s book to River a few nights a week. The book is an easy way to explain our love and how important our family is to River. We settled in the movie, and I admit, I was a little nervous. With everything happening, I was afraid I would feel less hopeful.  What the movie made me feel was far greater, and I am so thankful we pulled ourselves out of the house to watch it.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Loving family, they were an interracial couple living in Virginia, where white and black couples often coupled, but weren’t legally allowed to be together and marry. In 1958, they were jailed for being married and forced to leave their home in Virginia. In 1967, represented by lawyers of the ACLU, they won their case and struck down all existing segregation laws. This case made their marriage legal in their home of Virginia, and made way for marriages and families like my very own.

I was reminded that the ACLU worked on that case, and has been fighting for equality, before my own mother was born. Peter and I have decided to raise our kids in New York City for many reasons, but our neighborhood of Clinton Hill for it it’s community that mirrors our family. And while I feel more hopeful and in-love with Peter and my kids after watching the movie, I know that organizations like the ACLU need our help. For the remainder of the year, Peter and I have decided to donate a portion of all blog sponsorship earnings to the ACLU, and we will continue to make donations throughout 2017.  We’re so thankful for the work they do that makes couples and families like us feel a little more safe in America.

Have you watched it? I can’t recommend it enough!

 And if you want to learn more about the ACLU, click right here. 

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