6 Children’s Books That Celebrate Curly Hair

When it comes to River and her hair,  many readers have asked questions. And even though she’s already five, I’m still figuring things out along the way. More importantly, after having a few conversations with friends, I’ve realized that acceptance, praise, and love for one another often starts in childhood. It goes beyond saying someone is smart, kind, etc. It starts in our homes, setting examples and having our children look up to people who look like us and people that do not. We should openly praise the beauty that another child holds.

While this post isn’t necessarily directed at the what to do when it comes to hair, it is for those of you, (no matter if you’re white, black etc) that need a little inspiration on teaching your children hair acceptance and celebration. Some of these books don’t even discuss hair, but the illustrations and styles will no doubt jump start conversations

If you’re looking to add to your collection, here are a few:

– Nappy Hair.  This story centers around a little girl named Brenda, and the tale of just how her hair got so kinky, curly, and wild. It’s one of our favorites, and River finds it hilarious.

 I Love My Hair From a mother’s perspective, I love how this books connects River and I through imagination and reality. I know River’s hair can do many things, and the book re-affirms this. Often, she will excitedly tell me how my hair can do all of those things too. This books goes beyond the bedroom nightly routine, and pleasantly expands to everyday moments with the child.

I’ve Got Rhythm  This book reminds me of a day in New York in the spring. The illustrations are alive and the hair has character and detail.

Big Hair, Don’t Care I couldn’t recommend this book enough! It’s an amazing antidote if your child or someone you know may be facing any issues with their own beautiful big hair. But it’s perfect for normalizing and beautifying all the things maybe as a white child, your child doesn’t notice in her friends.

Amazing Grace I grew up with this book and feel wonderful having it as a staple in our home.

Emi’s Curly Colly, Cotton Candy Hair This book is more of a how to for conditioning and combing natural hair, but such a good read on how to celebrate and care for it.

2 thoughts on “6 Children’s Books That Celebrate Curly Hair

  • Reply Emma Leavey November 16, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    Thanks, I love this! I am also mum to a curly girly and we definitely make a point of praising her beautiful curls, hoping she'll internalise the message of loving her hair. I am pinning this post for future reference!

  • Reply LaTonya Yvette November 17, 2016 at 2:19 am

    Thank you, Emma. So glad it helped!

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