10 Tips For Hosting Thanksgiving In A Tiny Apartment On A Tiny Budget

Thanksgiving is just seven days away, can you believe it? Each year I’m taken back by how fast it sneaks up on us, and once we pack up the food and wash the dishes and kiss our family goodbye, we are officially in Christmas mode. This year, I think there is a collective energy pushing towards an at -ease celebration.

A few weeks back, I wrote a piece for the lovely people at The Kitchn, in the spirit of hosting on a tiny budget in a tiny apartment. As the fourth child in a rowdy bunch of five, that collectively have nine children, I’ve learned a thing or two about Thanksgiving. I don’t believe in the hoopla of the holidays. Better yet, I don’t believe in the excess. In the piece I suggest you host a potluck Thanksgiving instead, or a brunch, and that you skimp on the alcohol. My favorite tip; when all else fails, you trust. And I truly mean that. To be a hostess on a tiny budget and in a tiny apartment takes a different type of security. You have to know that the people in your life will bring the joy; that the celebration itself will do the work. Trust that you have everything you need. That is why you live the way you live, and that is why you’ve offered to host in the first place. In some ways, you’ve already done the work. I have loved reading all the comments on the post as well. To read the full post of tips, hop on over to The Kitchn.

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Happy Friday!

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