Style: 3 Pregnancy Looks With Erika Spring


Two years ago, almost exactly, is when I had one of my first real lady dates with Erika Spring. We had met before, but only briefly. Always in the company of a friend or two, always at The Deep End Club, or a lunch in the middle of the day. But that first lady date was different. On a whim we decided to go to a friend’s art opening. I wore a floor length printed duster, she wore a vintage coat (which is my favorite of hers). I was enamored with our conversation, and Erika’s eyes and ears. She’s good at seeing and listening to the good stuff. That evening, as we left the show and strolled out into the balmy October weather, Erika stopped me and noticed the art and my duster, and the way the two looked uncannily similar. A picture was snapped, and still, it’s one of my favorite photographs.

Erika, is the bass player in the band Nice AS Fuck (NAF) (she’s also a Reiki master, teacher, and practitioner), and her demeanor and kind soul radiates through their music. She’s unique, expressive, beautiful, and she just so happens to be pregnant with her first baby! While she gears up for her birth, we stopped by her new apartment to snap a few photos and ask a few questions about style, music, and her impending transition.

(wearing: vintage t-shirt, hunter green vintage shirt dress worn as a duster, vans)

In the earlier part of your pregnancy, and then when you were further along and obviously pregnant to your friends, you still wore less-pregnancy revealing pieces. What was your style goal then?
I guess in the early part I found it pretty easy to just wear my looser pants and dresses.  I was lucky to be dressing for spring and summer weather so that made it a lot easier.  And even though I’ve been gravitating to more pants and tailored looks in recent years, I still had a lot of dresses in my closet to choose from. I was curious about “maternity fashion”, but after googling a bit, I realized none of it really spoke to me. I don’t shop at many chain stores so it felt weird that I would start now. I was mostly thinking about what can I fit in that looks weird enough but not too weird! I bought a great stretchy 90s A-line tank dress (at fox&fawn via their instagram!) that was really fun to wear once I was comfortable flaunting the belly. The skirt is long enough that I can still wear it even now that I’m bigger.


As you round out your pregnancy, what are you gravitating towards in the day to day? 
Black leggings under tunics and dresses, with a jacket, duster, or oversized blazer; and a few long and loose dresses; my stretchy crushed velvet flares that still work if I wear them low with a longer top. And when I’m home I’m usually in a robe!

When it comes to being a creative artist, I feel as though you always have so much to offer. Any advice to pregnant women on how to keep that during this huge transition?
Wow, thank you!  While the baby isn’t born yet, I think the parallel of creating art and creating a baby is so beautiful. I’ve even heard the fertility advice to women that doing something creative, bringing in a new project or whatever individually makes sense to someone, is a powerful tool for supporting fertility. So I was lucky that at the same time I got pregnant, I had a new music project (NAF) to dive into. It was very cool timing. I guess my advice would be to be around inspiring, creative women during pregnancy!  Trust that what’s happening inside is okay and take time to create something you’ve been wanting to bring into your life. Also, find a great doctor or midwife and other community support so you don’t spend too much time on the internet!

(wearing: Ivana Helsinki (a dear friend and designer who Erika has collaborated with over the years. Not a maternity dress, but cut generously to work at any stage, black leggings, and Clarks black sued wedges)

Traveling around with NAF— how did you manage while pregnant? 
It was a total dream!  We toured mostly during my second trimester and it was truly great. I had incredibly supportive and loving bandmates who were always looking out for me. Our schedule was relatively chill so I was getting enough sleep and it was just so fun, surreal, magical, and exciting. I felt really happy to be busy and productive and part of a team.

Most of your wardrobe is vintage correct? How has this come in handy while dressing an expanding belly? And more importantly, what is your overall philosophy when it comes to buying clothes? 

I’ve always been into vintage just because I love finding something unique that I can celebrate.  And it was fun rediscovering some long neglected pieces in my closet that worked well during pregnancy. I bought a few vintage dresses on tour thinking they’d work later on, but they actually looked crazy. It’s a really hard thing to predict!  At this point I’m just aiming for clothed and comfortable. My overall philosophy: I think I’ve always felt like an outsider of sorts and have enjoyed using fashion to express that.


Do you see your style evolving as you become a mother?

I’ve had a few phases in my life where I felt like my identity suddenly didn’t match my style. I don’t have an image of what a “mom” looks like. Most of my friends who have kids are very expressive and glowing in their own individual ways, but I can imagine my style evolving for sure. I’m excited to fit into my ankle boots again(my feet have been swelling)! Other than that, I’m excited for spring when we can ditch our winter layers and I’ll probably be a little more comfortable in my new skin.

What inspires you?

All my musician and artist friends are my biggest inspiration!   

What’s something you are working on?

I’m working on new solo songs! My last EP came out in 2012, so I’m excited to have something new. It’s still synth-based, a slightly different vibe.

(CJ Laing beach dress, black leggings, vintage blazer, and black suede wedges)

How are you feeling?
I’m feeling pretty good. Lots of adjusting and accommodating my body in the last week or so.  And remembering to slow down. I’m really a night owl and get my best energy at night, but these days I have to choose—I can’t be out all day and expect to be able to play music, make dinner, or even be on my feet when I get home.

What are you most excited for right now?
Kyle and I took some amazing childbirth classes—we’ve learned so much! We’re excited to meet this baby!

You just moved a few months ago, and your apartment is already so beautiful! What do you love about it?
 I’m loving all the old charm. It has great light, so my plants are thriving and our music room set up is way more accessible. I like to keep the bedroom as serene as possible, especially now that we’ll be sharing it with a new tiny person.

Thank you so much Erika, we are so excited for the baby!
(photography by Bridget Badore for LaTonya Yvette)

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