A Weekend Mood Board

I just wanted to pop in and say that I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I was thinking about posting a little weekend mood board on the blog every Friday, or every other Friday. Do you like that idea? I’ve always been a little touch and go with Friday blogging. I’d rather send any inspiring links in a newsletter (sign up over to the right), and if there isn’t a newsletter, save it for next week.

Anyway, lets try this for today. Here’s a combination of images that I’m feeling going into the weekend.


And if you missed it, some musings on instagram:

I don’t think we choose motherhood because it is convenient. Honestly, I believe most things worth while are severely inconvenient: friendships, marriage, and family with all of its dysfunctions. But having to work to make these relationships bloom makes them that more enjoyable and beautiful. 

Being two different people in two different places in life is the greatest challenge of our marriage. With couple’s therapy, I get to see that his intentions are to love me and to be a good person. Day in and day out it’s kids and dishes and work — it can be hard to remember what made us fall in love.” So date your man.

I go through phases, but mostly I live for statement earrings. Especially when it’s season transition and we lean on dark tones more often than not. Having statement earrings with a pop of color to off-set any look has been kind of fun.


As we gear up to watch Dot. (an all new series about a little girl who loves tech) premiering this Saturday at 11 on@SproutChannel, I keep thinking about that time River found a boombox on a stoop here in Brooklyn. She couldn’t wait to pop in a few dusty cassettes from her father and dance with Oak before bed that evening. But instead of dragging it home, I sat River down and asked her to draw a boombox she imagined for herself on my iPhone drawing app. Later that night, as a family, we searched and bought a new (old) boombox like the one she drew. I’m sure our free stoop explorations are not over, but I feel good knowing she has the patience to express what she wants soundly and creatively through words, art, and tech. 
Enjoy your weekend!

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