Style: Three Looks To Try For A Fall Brunch

On Instagram the other week I briefly discussed my feelings towards fall and the pressure to cook-up a storm and gather in the evening. Simply put, autumn is the time you show up. There’s little excuse—except I’m not a huge cook. I enjoy cooking, but often, if I invite someone over to a dinner party, it’s catered or it’s a potluck.

But how about we change things up during this season of leaves falling and general style transition. Let’s swap out some of our heavy-set dinners for lightweight brunches, catching the cool early afternoon breeze, but surrounded by those we love nonetheless. And when it comes to autumn brunch style, my thoughts are exactly what you may expect them to be: cool and breezy.

In partnership with Noonday Collection, a socially responsible jewelry company that collaborates with over 4,000 artisans in vulnerable communities and provides jobs with dignity, sustainable income, and reliability, I am sharing three easy outfits to wear if you should host a fall brunch of your own.

Look One. With the weather cooling down, I love that we now have the opportunity to layer again. For an easy brunch look, you don’t have to do much. Pair a slip with a favorite t-shirt and ankle boots and you’re good to go. I chose simple Noonday studs and a bracelet with a pop of color to elevate the look a little more.

Look two. I overheard some commentary during fashion week in which someone said (very confidently): “Blazers are so in right now!” And I wonder when they weren’t in?  To keep with the overall relaxed vibe of your fall brunch, pair another favorite t-shirt and mini corduroy skirt with a lightweight blazer. I like wearing a cream one during the early hours and a darker one in the evenings. You could even swap the skirt for a pair of jeans and the look would still have the same feel.

 Look three. For the last fall brunch look, I choose a pair of ridiculously comfortable wide-legged Ace & Jig pants with a basic top and vintage vest. You could skip the vest and stick to the top and pants if you choose. If you don’t want to pay full price, there is no shortage of wide-legged pants at your local thrift store. Wide-legged pants have dual-power because they require attention, in size and shape, but do all the work in style. My necklace gave the look the “event” feel I thought it needed, but you could stick with larger earrings instead or a statement ring.

Are you willing to host a few brunches this fall? Less clean up, lighter food… I’m in. If you’re up for it, you could even turn your brunch into a Noonday Collection trunk show where your friends get to shop and support ambassadors ( often mother’s trying to make extra money on the side) and help artisans businesses all around the globe.

(Photography by Bridget Badore for LaTonya Yvette. This post is in partnership with Noonday Collection.)

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    You are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for inspiring me to pick up a pen and write.

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