Style: A Dress With Pockets

There is no clever way to say this; pockets are necessary. I have hand bags, and jackets, and even a fanny pack if I choose, but pockets are usually a must. Finding a dress that doesn’t have pockets is like taking a stroll around the neighborhood with a sleeping baby, and stopping for coffee, only to realize you don’t have your cup-holder with you. Surely you can hold the cup, but chances are the coffee will spill. Your wrist will ache. And then, heaven forbid, the baby will wake up because you much rather stop and sip then push and hold. You can do without pockets, but its not preferable.

My job on the way from school is that of a museum. The kids are inspectors and collectors, picking up acorns as if the next one will be shinier than the last. Possibly crunchier, but they all look the same in the dim autumn afternoon, if you ask me. Nevertheless, my children don’t see it that way. They stroll slowly with their eyes planted on the ground, and fingertips dusting along unkempt Brooklyn sidewalks. By the time we make it home, my confident two-step has turned into a limp, one side inevitably heavier then the next. I attempt to dump them before we reach our stoop, but the kids fill them right up again. Their hands digging and sorting through as I attempt to shuffle my way in the door. See, pockets are necessary.

-My yellow plaid tank (perfect for this transitional season) is from Muny. 
-My denim jacket is vintage (you can read more here). You’ll find a similar here and here (on sale!). 
– My sneakers are old and well-loved Stan Smith Adidas, they’ve served me well.
– My tote is vintage. Similar here. 
– My earrings are H & M. Similar here. 

Have any thoughts on pockets on dresses? I also need them just in case I ever feel nervous; they are a huge comfort.

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  • Reply Vebo October 7, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    i'm so agree with you! if i must to say, i choose dress and skirt not just because i like it but because pockets! carrying coins or other stuff is more than necessary! jeans work of that because pockets and because are confortables but! a skirt and dress with pocket are a must!

  • Reply Jenissa January 9, 2017 at 5:01 am

    Beautifully written.

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