Natural Hair Diary: Christiana

In 2002, Beyoncé landed the cover of Honey magazine, donned with a fro and perfectly laid waves styled by her very own mother. Beyoncé and Michaela Angela Davis dubbed the cover as their favorite, and 14 years later, many of us still find ourselves kneeling over the true confidence and beauty of it. Whether this cover inspired Christiana to go natural three years later is still left to be answered, but she did nevertheless. 

1. Why natural? 
I’ve been natural since  2005/2006. I had a really bad experience with haircolor and needed to nurse my hair back to life and I’ve been natural since.

2. You live in Bedstuy Brooklyn, how has living in this community been for you? 
I love Bedstuy.  I love the tree lined blocks, the diversity, and the original culture. It just feels very “Brooklyn.” I love how peaceful it feels after a long day in Manhattan–it’s a nice transition.

3. Your first memorable hair experience? 
I remember being a kid and hating when my mom or grandmothers would do my hair. I was “tender-headed” as they said haha. I laugh now, but back then, I really went through it when it came to getting my hair done.

4. When it comes to hair and style, how do your worlds blend?
I think my hair and style go hand in hand–they’re like partners. I like effortless, easy style, with a hint of intricacy. The everyday hair routine is pretty simple, but the results are always different because my curl pattern is ever-changing–sometimes it behaves and sometimes not so much and I feel like my style is like that too (ever-changing).

5. Run me through your hair routine. Morning, afternoon, night? Even weekends, anything particularly special or products you live by?
Normally, I wet my hair in the shower in the morning (or at night depending if I take my shower at night or morning) and use a conditioner to detangle. I wrap it in a t-shirt to remove excess water and then apply products–either apricot oil or Argan oil, Shea Moisture Curl Cream and Eden’s Body Work leave in conditioner. Then, I air dry (although I need to invest in a diffuser). If I want to keep two-day curls and not wet it the next day, I’ll wrap in satin scarf while I shower. When I get out, I spray Carol’s Daughter leave in conditioner all over. I wash my hair about twice a week, clarify once a week with apple cider vinegar, and deep conditioner.

I switch between several different shampoos–I use the lavender soap from Blue Bee Bars, Carol’s Daughter Marula Oil Gentle Cream Cleanser, Shea Moisture Coconut Curl shampoo (the peachy pink bottle) and Everyday Coconut Shampoo from WholeFoods. Sometimes I add Moroccan clay to my shampoo too. I use the Shea Moisture coconut curl conditioner and Carol’s Daughter Marula oil deep conditioner.

6. If your personal style was a song, what song would it be?
Hmm… That’s really tough. Not sure… Maybe “Naturally” by Sean Nicholas Savage. Not for the lyrics, but more so for the mood of the song… It’s so laid back and easy breezy.

7. Your best advice for style, life, and or hair?
Go with what you feel good in. If something makes you feel good and confident, you should wear it. Document (mental notes are fine too) all the moments when you feel you’re at your best and try to create more of those kind of moments.

8. When do you feel most comfortable at home?
When I’m sitting down, eating popcorn with a sheet mask or clay mask on my face while watching a movie or a show–not worrying about work or anything. Sounds lazy, but feels fabulous.

9. Any departing words you’d like to share about all of the above?
 I encourage everyone to wear more vintage in general to recycle and help save the earth at least a little at a time.

Thanks Christiana!

  You can shop Christiana’s beautiful vintage collection and her new collection of chokers she designed right here. Photography by Maia Harms for LaTonya Yvette. 

2 thoughts on “Natural Hair Diary: Christiana

  • Reply Emikos Werid Unexplained thoughts September 7, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    I love it. The ended is my fav. I can't even start to mention how many products I have for my hair. I have many failed ones that I took back and then I have some that who knows if it works. Natural is such a world that I'm finally see that k have been part of I just always run and get my hair blow dried.

  • Reply LaTonya Yvette September 9, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    Haha I'm so excited to try some of the products she mentioned. I often feel so behind.


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