New Orleans!

A few weeks ago, we packed up our things and headed south to New Orleans. See, New Orleans has always been on my list of places to visit and explore. Its vibrant colors and structure is alluring, and its history is astounding.

Everyone said I would fall in love, they were right! But not only for me, the way the city made my children feel as well. Everything and everyone was at their level. People were friendly and social, and there was no place too loud or too precious to take our kids for a visit. For a few days, the city was at our hands, and we sure did take it. We’re so grateful Visit New Orleans invited us to come out and see it for ourselves. It was truly a dream come true.

Lots of photos of what we did below…

For the duration of our stay, we called Windsor Court Hotel home. Our rooms felt like castles, dripping in blue velvet and beautiful floral wallpaper. Our suite was on a private floor, where we received a delicious breakfast spread every morning. Every night, we were serenaded by live music in the dining room. 
The view on our balcony at night. You could see boats on the river during the day and night. The city was glowing, but not in an obnoxious NYC Times Square kind of way. Quaint and stunning. 

What I loved most about the city (other than the food of course) was that walking about was encouraged. I was intimidated at the idea that we may need to drive around. It was the opposite. We could hop in an inexpensive cab or simply walk. It was easy to drift while walking. We would get caught up its colors and people.

That yellow and blue! 

As expected, we certainly ate our way through the city. Our first stop on the trip was Gene’s Po’ Boys. I had a catfish po’ boy and Peter had shrimp. The place is Beyoncé’s favorite, so of course, it had to be mine. 😉

We also had breakfast at Elizabeth’s, lunch one day at Mother’s (which was dangerously close to our hotel. Too good!). I had my first of like six beignets at Cafe Du Monde. The first night we went it was almost midnight and it felt supremely romantic. I am craving another one so bad!

There was no shortage of family friendly coffee joints. Our favorite was Mojo, which was a chill place for the kids to take a pause from the heat. They had board games, and everyone was so friendly. I slipped out to head to the bathroom, and discovered the cutest back space, which consisted of an alley of adorable bikes and hanging ferns.

This trip was about celebration and education. River graduated pre-k the day before we left, so the timing was a perfect gift for a wonderful year. We are so very proud of her and the way she’s grown up! 
One of the places we really wanted to visit with the kids was the National World War 11 Museum. It touched on a level I hadn’t experienced. Peter’s grandfather, Peter Marshall Tullier,  served in the war (I shared his story here), and it was beautiful to watch Peter take the kids through and explain things to them. The experience is interactive and guided, pulling you into the lives of those who were in combat.

 Another highlight was the Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour! The kids LOVED THIS! I can not recommend this enough. The kids got to see alligators and wild pigs. It was about a two hour tour, but they stayed engaged and  pleasant the entire time. It was all really interesting and fascinating, and an experience these tiny New Yorkers won’t ever forget.

What would a trip to New Orleans be without a walk around the Garden District? Every house had to be my dream house. The flowers, the ancient oak trees, and the air of lighthearted joy. It was our magic.
Pandora’s Snowballs to beat the heat!  
Did I mention that we had a date every single night we were there? Every single night! What a treat! It gave us time to duck in and out of jazz shows and wander even more. The music was insane, I don’t think we’ve danced that much in years. It just gets in your sprit and you can’t help but move.
One of the nights was our anniversary and I got dressed in my favorite vintage gold jacket and a mini dress. Visit New Orleans treated us to fries and champagne at Sylvain for the special night. We talked so much we lost track of time. I laughed so much my stomach began to ache. 

 Me in front of our hotel. 

Here’s the thing that I left New Orleans with; People there are LIVING. It reminds me so much of New York, yet so different. The joy is different. The energy is different. There’s no measure of what you’re doing and who you are. Everyone is simply happy to be there, experiencing, taking it all in. For the first timeI can see myself living and actually thriving somewhere outside of the city. It’s New Orleans. 
A big thank you to Visit New Orleans for the wonderful vacation and for sponsoring this post. Go have a visit! 

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