A Garden Birthday Dinner

Last Sunday, I had a beautiful garden birthday dinner in my backyard. It was full of dear friends and family. Since we moved in only a few months ago, it became a little housewarming party as well. Friends would walk in and peek around and proclaim that we should never leave. ha! I always feel a bit nervous having friends over after I know I’m finished decorating for a while. It’s like any project or creative endeavor; I’m always left asking myself if I’m actually ready for the reveal. I realized that no, I won’t ever be. But I have to be confident and joyous in the space that I’ve created and the friends and family that enjoy it with us. 
For the dinner, I asked Chef Deena to create a magical meal for 10. As one of 11, she made a meal for 20, which was fine, because I had 16 guests! The menu for the night was beautiful farm-to-table fresh vegetables and appetizers, wild rice and curry chicken. It was impressive and gorgeous, and Deena is such a beautiful person to be around. Her creations became the decor, and I’m so happy she said yes to catering the dinner. To flow with the overall theme and lush yard, my friend Rawan created a centerpiece and flower crown for me as a sweet gift. Need I say more?
 More photos from the night below…

I’ve been to a few events where Chef Deena created magic, so I was excited to have my own run at it. Especially, for my birthday. From her kitchen she offers event catering (like mine), Bespoke meal services, and even has the most delicious vegan and gluten free cakes made right in her bakery. Soon, she’ll offer special meal delivery services geared towards mothers and new mothers with lack of time and brain space to create such healthy and delicious meals. I’m so excited to gift this to a few of my girlfriends who are expecting!!

When your husband and friends insist on taking a picture with their hands focused on you. So embarrassing. I needed to find a turtle shell and call it home. That cake was so good!

What a wonderful evening! Thank you to all my friends who came and snapped photos and gifted me the sweetest gifts (even though I said no gifts). What a night! Lets do it again!!

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