Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day always sneaks up on me. Between Peter’s birthday, Oak’s birthday, and our anniversary, June becomes one eventful and full month. With that said, if you’re still pulling it together, here are a few things to buy for the special guy.

1.  A Linus Bike.  Or a any solo bike ride for that matter. Take the children’s seats off, give hime him a few hours to bike anywhere he chooses, without obligations.

2. Herschel Supply Backpack. Much sexier than a diaper bag. It’s also perfect for that solo bike ride. Pack a few essentials for the day; a sandwich, sunglasses, sunblock, and a canteen of water.

3. A Great Read. I often say that the greatest gift to a parent is time to read…alone. Pack this New York Times bestseller for the day too.

4. Fitbit. Speaking of sleep, a sleep tracker to make sure he’s on top of his zzz’s are a fantastic gift this holiday.

5. Harry’s For J. Crew shave set. Because even though I love a little a good four day fluff, sometimes he doesn’t.

6. New Kicks. To match the kiddos, of course.

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