Style: Clogs and Derbys

To be a mother, I talk about it so often, and sometimes, the words escape me. Motherhood is full of lessons, big and small. As I type this, Oak has yogurt smothered on his face and is about to climb up a chair. River is at school, and Peter is typing up today’s to-do list which is far too long and too detailed. Motherhood and parenthood is filled with chaos 90% of the time for us. And yet, there is no other way I see myself juggling the role. 
To celebrate the day, which I think we can all agree should be celebrated everyday, I’ve teamed up with Bryr Clogs and Mason Dixon Made….

Even in chaos, or as I like to say, “organized chaos” it is full of magic. My attempts at keeping it together are a combination of affirmations, style, some sense of mental peace, lists, and a whole village of other mothers and parents. Readers too. You guys are amazing.

To celebrate, we are giving away a custom pair of clogs and debrys to one lucky instagram follower! Follow along and enter right over here. Good luck!

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