5 Things To Do + 5 Things to Give For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! It sure snook up. While, I am well into my sixth year of motherhood, I have a few good friends that are pregnant or bringing babies into the world any day now. It’s a special time.  I feel like I can be both helpful and loving, while sharing a little bit of my very own lessons when asked. And though, motherhood looks and feels so very different for each and every mother; most of us can agree that it’s full of magic, sleep-deprivation, and connectivity to this new sense of self, partner, baby, and those around us.

When you consider all of this, gifting a new mother this Mother’s Day can feel a little intimidating.

Here are 5 things you can do for free for a new mother this Mother’s Day, accompanied by 5 things to purchase along with the act if you so choose…

1. Take over night feedings. Often, this is seen as a task just for the partner, but friends can help too. Babies fall asleep early, and to a new mother, 7pm can feel like 1am. Instead of a night out, come over, send your friend to bed (and her partner too), and take over one feeding with a bottle. 4-6 straight hours of sleep for any new parent is gold.

       –  Gift a beautiful breastfeeding friendly top that makes breastfeeding in spring and summer simple.

2. Capture the moment. The other night, Peter and I stayed up watching old videos of River. We also stumbled upon a few that he took when I was pregnant with her. Doctors appointments, leaving for work, first baths, feedings… it all came to life. In that moment, I was so thankful for Peter and his love of the camera. As mothers, especially as new mothers, sometimes, we don’t feel as camera worthy. The reality is; motherhood is beautiful. Grab your camera and snap a few. She’ll thank you.

         –  Gift One Day Young. A book full of gorgeous photographs by photographer, Jenny Lewis. The photography shows the strengths and resilience of mothers after 24 hours of motherhood.

3. Freshen up her home. Imagine this: It’s Mother’s Day, you sleep in. A knock on the door, a friend, a bucket, coffee, and a desire to help you around the home.

         – Gift a gorgeous bouquet that brings visual eye candy and makes the apartment smell divine.

4. Make the bed. Every morning, I jump out of bed and make it. I’m on autopilot when it comes to that. But on occasion, I love the surprise of a crisp bed made by Peter. It’s simple and meaningful.

          – Gift a beautiful set of linen sheets that remind her of blossoms and spring.

5. Write a love note. Because there’s nothing better.

         –Gift her a notebook so she can write all the little notes about baby stages and motherhood.

Do you have anything special planned for Mother’s Day? I personally just want a good nap and brunch and maybe a walk around Botanical Gardens!

(photography by Jenny Lewis| One Day Young)

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