Would You Redo Your Wedding?

It’s Monday, and there are hints of New York City spring sprouting. The weather will be in the 60s most of the week; and yesterday on our walk, River saw the sweetest little flower that has yet to  open up. She pointed to it with such excitement and wonder, I instantly remembered this moment from a few years ago…

…we were walking and I wasn’t paying much attention to our surroundings. I kept on thinking about everything other than what was happening. She knelt down and pointed to a flower that was blooming with such curiosity in her eyes. Like she had stumbled upon the world’s greatest invention.

Spring often makes me think of weddings. Peter spends so much time documenting them in the spring and summer, and he often comes home with lessons learned from each one. We got married in the summer of 2011 in my childhood church, the same church my grandmother lived across from for years, the same church I was christened in. Our families are connected to it and will always be Our wedding was special; but if I think on it too long, I can list certain aspects I might change if I had a second chance at it. For instance, I love my family, but now I realize how so much family involvement overwhelmed me a bit. If I could go back, I would let their arrival details and what not go a bit and just have more fun with them. They traveled so far to be there. Another change-worthy moment? Me losing Peter’s debit card and all of our money! Now I always have a small stack of cash hidden around somewhere.

One thing I wouldn’t change, what I love the most about that day: The image of Peter’s family and my family dancing and twirling on the dance floor in the backyard nook of a restaurant. I had never seen that many black people and white people getting down, together, having fun. It was down-right beautiful.

Wedding season is approaching and I have several friends who were just married or are getting married. It’s fun and exciting to watch from this side of things and help them plan their big days. 

If you could, would you redo your wedding? And if so, what?

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