For The Time Sensitive

These days, my focus is time—how I’m spending it and who I’m spending it with. It’s been a beautiful thing to evaluate and assign value. This is my year of intention, if you will. In general, I tend to be one of those people who just doesn’t like wasted days, days where I feel like I didn’t accomplishment something. Of course, the tough irony of this character trait: No day is a wasted day. So as I’m becoming more intentional about my time, carving out lovely, lazy afternoons when I need them, I want to be prepared for when the unexpected pops up. Does that happen to you?

It’s hard for me to schedule time for things I’m not a fan of—technology being one of those things, oddly enough. I so dislike technology, I recently worked on a broken computer until Peter practically dragged me to Tekserve to get it fixed. I had flashes of that one episode of Sex In The City when Carrie’s computer breaks at the hands of her boyfriend who tries to fix it. I denied that anything was wrong for so long and sort of had a panic when they said it would take a few days. 

 Peter is the opposite; he swells with delight when he needs to “make a trip to the Apple Store.” (Yeah, he’s one of those guys.) And while all that stuff in one room is stimulating and fascinating, with two kids and our jobs, spending time there just isn’t practical. Factor in my panic that something—anything—may go wrong, and I’m no fun.

All this to say, I was pretty stoked when Enjoy reached out asking if I wanted to try their service. Sure, the promise of an iPad was exciting, but so was the ease of their service. 
Here’s how they work: Enjoy will go anywhere and to anyone! For me, that meant a cafe in the middle of the day. I didn’t have to stop work and hop on a train to the Apple Store. Erinnn, my designated Enjoy Expert, was extremely kind, informative, and patient. He not only hand delivered my iPad, but walked me through each and every step of using it. He customized our lesson based on my specific needs for the iPad. So, when I told him that my shoulder was hurting from lugging my laptop to and from meetings, he showed me which apps to download, what keyboard to buy, and how to use each tool to make the iPad more my iPad, making it work for my time and what I do. Furthermore, Erinn emailed me a few days later and followed up on everything we discussed, and also gave me some more valuable personalized tips. 

Have you used Enjoy?

P.S There is NO service charge!

Bonus:  If you want to give them a try, they’re generously offering LaTonya Yvette readers $50 off on their next purchase with the code RAF-LTY! (Offer ends 4/15/2016 , Use with purchases over $100 only. Does not include Boosted Boards and Tiles.) Go Enjoy! 

(photography by Maia Harms for LaTonya Yvette. This post is in partnership with Enjoy. Thank you for supporting the partners that I believe in and that help LaTonya Yvette thrive)

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  • Reply Olivia Meyer-Jennette March 4, 2016 at 3:41 am

    LOVE your outfit in the last photo-pure gold! So stylish as always <3

  • Reply Local Honey March 31, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    Oh they ARE on the east coast, as are you, I was fooled by their website opening page! Silly me, must pay better attention in the future. 😉

  • Reply Local Honey March 31, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    This. Is. BRILLIANT!! I swear for a moment I considered moving to LA just so I could use this. I'll have to wait patiently until they come to the east coast. Wahhh! Also, I don't remember how I found you, but I've been following you on Instagram for a bit and now am reading your blog and I just want to say you seem lovely and joy and light radiate from you and your posts. Thank you for sharing!

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