Easter Weekend

It was 1 a. m. and after a last minute dash to Duane Reade for Easter basket fillers, we sat in the dark filling each egg. Shredded paper, fresh flowers, sun hats, chocolate bunnies, and jelly beans scattered our table, and resounding silliness thickened the air. The kids slept soundly, and it felt like Christmas a little. The energy made me full, in a way that is unique to a parent. 
It was 7 a.m. and River had waddled in my room. She tapped me on the shoulder and shrieked with excitement. I asked her to refrain from visiting the living room before her brother woke up, but my requests were met with excitement. We went in and they had it. 
After small bites we headed to Coney for breakfast at my brother’s house, and then a quick visit to Coney Island’s rides. I’m not sure where we got the idea, but the smile on River’s and Oak’s face left me weak. In their smiles, I felt this deep sense of power, not like I had accomplished something grand, but simply in the fact that this was easy. Making children smile is easy. And sometimes, that pure ease is what we need more of. It’s beautiful. 
It was 6 p.m. the day ended off on a roof deck with about five other kids scourer plants and hammocks for eggs. We ate too much candy and stayed out too late. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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