An Ode to Nameplate Necklaces

My love for nameplate necklaces began with my sister. Back then, a thick, double-sided nameplate laced in gold was a right of passage. The necklace itself signified a coming of age and responsibility. When my turn rolled around, it seemed as if all the love for the nameplate was thrown out and replaced by nameplate earrings. Then rings. Suddenly,  I was waiting in the cycle for my turn to come around once again.

Here’s the funny part, even back then, I wanted a nameplate necklace simply because everyone had one. I was never a true fan of its gaudy traits or the real investment it was.

As I’ve grown older, and as my style continues to evolve, my heart continues to develop lust-like phases for the things I once passed up. A nameplate necklace being one. Like many things in style, I’ve learned how to tailor this specific piece to my liking.

In the meantime, here are 5 places you can purchase you’re own nameplate necklace:
1. The one I’m wearing was hand stamped four years ago at Brooklyn Charm. 
2. I love how delicate this one is.
3. My friend purchased one from here and it held up pretty well.
4. This one kind of reminds me of the ones we wore as kids.
5. Scosha stamps them all in her studio here in Brooklyn.

One thought on “An Ode to Nameplate Necklaces

  • Reply Anonymous March 18, 2016 at 2:20 am

    I was a huge nameplate girl back in middle and high school, I had a necklace but I really wanted those gaudy gold nameplate earrings (moms wasn't having that!). I've been eyeing the stamped tag style, so thanks for the link!

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