5 Tips: Shopping + Dressing Kids This Spring

Almost every spring, I find myself making the silly mistake of thinking that the kids have enough pieces to last them through the new season. Turns out this never happens. And while I love shopping for them, I’ve outgrown the stage of getting giddy to get them dressed in the mornings. Even Oak—though I was sure I had a few more years of enjoying dressing him, it has become a chore.

Nevertheless, my children can not walk the streets of New York City naked (even though some days I feel as though they’d prefer to). So today, I’ve partnered with Old Navy to share just a few good styling tips when it comes to shopping and dressing your little ones this spring! 

  1. Do not size up. I only apply this rule to the spring and summer. Maybe it’s just my family, but I find that spring and summer clothes never make it to the next year. (Winter? Sure!) When shopping for spring, I try to purchase transitional pieces instead of sizing up completely. For example, dresses that can be layered and cardigans that are thick enough to warm up on chilly spring days, cool summer nights, and brisk fall afternoons.
  2. It’s okay to get matchy-matchy. Subconsciously, I’ve dressed myself and the kids alike many days. Old Navy’s Modern Riviera collection, a cute and simple nautical nod, translates from mama to babies with ease. Just purchase pieces that you would wear and that you can also dress your children in.
  3. Necessity. When I shop, sometimes I get carried away with what I want to buy and what I need to buy. Shopping for what’s necessary first keeps things streamlined, while also keeping me on track with our budget. I often start with shoes, jackets, or sweaters. Then I fill in with add-ons in order of what we need most. It makes creating a seasonal wardrobe seamless, and nothing gets left out.
  1. Simple choices. River is sweet and expressive, and this comes through in her personal style. She likes to pick out her outfits and dress herself, and I’m okay with that. But to ensure her independence goes smoothly, I pick out three outfits for her every night, and before heading to bed she gets to choose out of those three. Usually, each outfit contains something I want her to wear and something that she loves. For instance, I love this  jacket. But I know she would love this skirt. If I pair them together we both sort of win. Plus, we created a cute look! 
  2. Time On Your Side. If you’re a mother, I’m sure you know this; but oh my goodness, with a little extra time, we work wonders don’t we? I often give myself a cushion when feeding my kids. But it’s something I forget to do when getting them dressed. It’s a practice I’m trying to incorporate though. Someone always spills something or rips something or something ends up being so itchy, so it’s good to have the extra minutes to problem solve.

Here are a few things I adore at Old Navy this spring for me and the kiddos:
3 This top, for Oak.
4 These shoes remind me of a pair I had has a kid.
5 These sunglasses are adorable.

Any children friendly dressing and shopping tricks you’d like to share?

(photography by Maia Harms for LaTonya Yvette. This post is in partnership with Old Navy. Thank you for supporting our partners. )

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