Single on Valentine’s Day?

 My earliest memories of Valentine’s Day as a young person are from high school. The amount you were loved was dependent on how many balloons you paraded through school halls, and how full your locker was of sweets and bears. If I’m going to be frank, I must say that many of us purchased or attempted to purchase gifts for ourselves and went on to pose them as gifts from a secret admirer. High school was funny like that. And when not parading, we then went on to hide such gems at home from our nosey parents, and pretended to be as nonchalant about the holiday as a giddy teenager could. It was fun and ridiculous, and at times, when I forget how emotionally taxing high school was, I want to transport myself right on back.

Now as an adult, I spend my days with hand cramps creating dozens of homemade cards with my five year old who insists on perfected messes. It’s not glamorous by any means, but it is rather special and poses a unique view of the holiday as a mother. All of this got me thinking about my single friends; most of whom are dear and amazing individuals. Is there any fun to be had when you’re single on Valentine’s Day? …

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Yes, plenty of fun, if not more! It seems as though the holiday itself approaches individuals with less pressure than it would someone who’s married or in a committed relationship.

Here are just a few things I would do if I was single on Valentine’s Day:
– Buy wine, cook food, and binge watch my favorite shows. Well, I might do this anyway, let’s be honest. The days of relaxing and binge watching any show seems few and far between, so why not Netflix and chill the heck out of it?

– Treat myself. I am a true believer in treating yourself whether in a relationship or single. If you’re single, it seems as if there is no better time for a mani, pedi, and massage to top.

– Galantine’s Day Party. There are so many variations to this, but any day spent with my girls is a good day. This doesn’t mean singling out friends that are in relationships, it means simply celebrating the love that is shared in sisterhood.
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