Gift Guide: For Your Animal Obsessed Kids

I don’t know about you, but in my house, there’s an abundance of animal love as of late. Oak, in particular. He’s fascinated in their movements, and not so much in their sounds. I find it hilarious. You should see how he jumps like a frog! Furthermore, I really enjoy seeing River explore this stage of life with him. Now more than ever, I can see their age gap. River is all about teaching him how to jump. Occasionally, even with his reluctance, she’ll get in a few animal sounds.

Instead of filling their ever-growing baskets with more stuffies, and things of that nature, I’m going for accessories and garments that incorporate animals. Nothing too frilly or cheesy.

Darling Clementine is owned by a mother, who also happens to be a sweet friend. I love her choices in products and that she develops relationships with many of the brands and designers.

Here’s some animal inspired pieces for you to shop, just in case you also have an animal lover in your home:
– A Bear Bag for storing all the acorns on the slow wobbly walk around town.
– A Muscle mouse for the tiniest mouse in the family.
Baby Alpaca Hat. There is nothing cuter.
Fox Clips. Because curls.
Horse Tights. For cute layering.
A Bear Romper. Because it’s adorable.
Baby Bird. Because no matter how big he gets… you know. Cue the tears.

Okay, are your kids into animals too? Oak, starts to freak out when he spots a dog a few feet away. Maybe owning one is in our future?!

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This post was in partnership with Darling Clementine. A small, mama-run shop that I adore and support. 

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