Gift Guide: For The City Kid

In truth, I believe being a city kid takes a different sort of edge. For one, there’s always noise. There’s moving and pushing and more moving too. And don’t get me started on everything there is to see. With that said, if you happen to be on the side of gifting a city kid this year, your ideas may run short. There’s a lot that we are up against as parents of little noise makers in a noisy town. Close quarters and limited space for one. Plenty of eye candy and things “to be purchased” on every corner goes in at number two.

And while I err on the side of experience based gifting for my fellow NYC kiddo friends, I know this isn’t a small feat for families afar. The urge to gift physical items flows plenty.

If you’re on the hunt, here are a few things I’d suggest:

A sweet book about surprise farms and pick-up trucks and a big city.
Hot dog pretzel NY. Because we all do. P.S (enjoy 15% your entire purchase with code HOLIDAY15)
KidzSafe headphones. A patent safer and customizable pair of headphones, speaker, or earbuds.
-Like A Bike develops the necessary balance skills for a real bike without the extra fuss of chains and pedals.
OTO Ice Cream Truck. Imaginative play that won’t annoy the neighbors.
The only mouse parents want to see in the apartment.
– Quintessential New York in mini form. 

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