A Beautiful Holiday Floral Crown

How do you style your table for your holiday dinner? Personally, I’ve noticed an abundance of green on white and cream linens, which creates a runner as a centerpiece. The runner doesn’t get in the way of your food, and adds a beautiful touch to a beautiful day. But what if you wanted to skip the table setting this year?

When thinking of another option, I personally couldn’t stop dreaming of a holiday inspired floral crown – one with more greens and deeper tones. To help bring this dream to life, I enlisted Rawan Rihani, owner of Aurora Botanica, to share a beautiful holiday crown tutorial with you all. If you’re unfamiliar with Rawan, she is a Brooklyn-based florist, artist, and designer. Her work can be found draping some of the most beautiful weddings, people and installations.

flower clippers
thick floral wire (which will become the base of the crown)
thin floral wire (for wrapping greenery and flowers to crown)
greenery, textured flowers, and seasonal flowers (I’m using seeded eucalyptus, thistle, anemones, wax flower, delphinium, veronica, ranunculus and amaryllis flower)
raffia or ribbon

Because this is a holiday crown, I choose a jewel toned palette accented with a deep crimson amaryllis flower.

One: Using the thick floral wire, fold one end of the wire and twist it to create a loop. Then, measure around your head and create a loop on the opposite end.

Two: Then place the raffia or ribbon through the 2 loops. This creates the foundation and base of the crown.

Three: Pick out a mix of greenery to create your first bundle. You will need approximately 4″ to 6″ in length for your bundle.

Four: Cut a 12″ piece of thin wire, then place the middle of the thin wire onto the base of the bundle, leaving an inch of stem at the end. Then twist the wire and leave a few inches of both ends of the wire. It is important to leave the 2 ends of the wire out, so make sure to start using the center point of the wire to wrap around your bundles.

Five: Attach the bundle using the 2 ends of the wire and wrapping around the base of crown. Twist the wire tight to secure the placement of the bundle on the crown.

Six: Create your second bundle, just like the first one. Attach the second bundle on the crown in the same direction, keep in mind that you need to cover the wire of the first bundle using the loose foliage of the second bundle.

Seven: Repeat, with your greenery bundles until you complete and cover the whole crown.

Eight: Now the fun part, the flowers! Choose a flower and cut the stem leaving 3 ” from the base of flower to end of stem. Then take your thin floral wire and using the center, place at base of blossom, wrap and then twist to secure the blossom.

Nine: Attach the flower to the crown. Wrap and twist off using the thin floral wire and place the foliage to cover the wire. Now you can have fun designing the crown!

 I chose to place a large amaryllis flower on one side to create an asymmetrical crown. Attach your flowers accordingly and Voila! Enjoy and wear it to the next holiday party!

Do you plan on adding a floral crown to your holiday festivities this year?

Thank you, Rawan!

(Photography by Juli Teitiler for LaTonya Yvette)

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    This is glorious.

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