You’re Kinda Awesome

I’m happy to partner with Kind to bring awareness to their new movement; #KINDAWESOME! With the help of me, and hopefully you, we can spot and celebrate kind acts all over. We can all use a little more of that in our lives! Kind, is shining a light on a topic that should already be a natural extension of ourselves, but we often simply forget. We forget about the power we have in each other’s lives. I know it can be hard. Life is really full. But simply being aware, can make any one person’s day a tad brighter. All of which, sets a chain of small and large kind acts in motion, creating a movement that helps the world be a kinder place.

When participating in this campaign, I recalled several times in which a stranger made me feel good by doing something kind for me. For instance: A few weeks ago I walked into a cafe after a long day. I had little makeup on, and was drained. I needed to get home to relieve our babysitter, but also needed a few minutes to get my mind prepared for our nighttime routine. As I poured sugar in my coffee, and looked down at it longingly and desperately – wanting it all within mere seconds, a stranger came up to me…

 “I just have to say, you look beautiful!”

I was shocked! She was beautiful and put together. I felt everything but that. I thanked her (probably too much) and told her how great she made me feel. I went on that day as a kinder mama. I know sometimes that doesn’t seem like much, but in the grand scheme of things, raising good tiny humans is really really important. It takes tons of kindness.

Another occasion: I was pregnant and on the subway platform with River. We had an early play date and River and I weren’t on the same level of enjoyment. She wanted to get out of the stroller, and I tried with every bit of me to keep her strapped in during rush hour. The trains were packed, and there was barely enough room for us. While I tried to reason with her, another woman came to my rescue. Surely, I thought, she was there to scold me. Instead, she told me she had two of her own, and that the subway fussing was tough. Solidarity. She went on to make sure I had a seat. Kindness, friends.

A few months ago I participated Kind’s campaign video. In the video, a few of us perform small acts of kindness that transfers to one another. Then I was asked to make my own video capturing a kind act I performed. (You can see it on Instagram.) Beyond performing my or your own kind act, the program is about spotting and rewarding kind acts as well; simply giving each other reassurance that we’re doing good.

Over the weekend, I want to challenge you to perform and spot kind acts. Whether that means giving your seat on a the subway to a pregnant person, or raking the leaves in your neighbor’s yard. A little goes a long way. If you happen to spot a kind act, don’t be afraid to log on and send the doer a complimentary kind bar. A sweet surprise if you ask me.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading. I think all of you are kinda awesome. I truly do.

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