The Perfect Sweater

If you’ve been reading this space for some some time (four years! what the heck?), you’ve proabably noticed a particular cream sweater pop up in a few style posts. Okay, not a few. Many, style post. I’m not sure where I purchased it or how much it cost me, or what exactly drew me to it. What I do know is this: It was from a thrift store, it’s still in great condition, and it’s comfortable. These are the factors that keep me holding on to it.

With that said, I can’t forget to acknowledge the few reasons why I don’t particularly love this sweater; it’s a little too long, the sleeves are a little billowy, and the neck is warm, yet, often removes my lipstick. In addition, a little too large in all the wrong places, leaving questionable pouches that lead to suspicious of an early hidden pregnancy. Not the case.

With that said, I still can’t get rid of it. Even when I take in account my own rule of purging and re-purchasing. This sweater is of a special circumstance. And I think everyone is allowed one… or a few more. See, to find the perfect fit of a staple sweater, it takes time and effort. It takes purchasing, trying on, comparing, and returning – if need be. And even if I find the perfect one, I know there will be parts of me that gets dressed one cold day, and will long for the billowy sleeves and oversized cowl neck with that extra fabric. So I hold on.

Do you have anything you just can’t get rid of?

And speaking of perfect cream chunky sweaters, here are a few that have my eye: a turtleneck sweater, a mock neck sweater,  a classic, and a hand knit hoodie.

A holiday treat:
 Enjoy 25% off your entire purchase with code CAlMDOWN. They’re obviously my favorite sweater shop! 

My coat- Petria Lenehan, Dress- Ace & Jig, Boots- Vintage (similar), Headwrap- Block Shop Textiles.

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