Tapping Back Into Lost Memories

A few days before Halloween, the kids and I made our way to Times Square for a pumpkin patch. Now, if you’ve been to New York, you’ll know that Times Square is usually completely crazy, and visiting requires a certain type of energy. Before last week, I hadn’t been in almost a year. But it was a pumpkin patch of all the things. And goodness, River is really starting to believe my “farmers’ market pumpkin patch” stories.

See, the pumpkin patch was an event thrown by Google, in celebration of their Google Photos App! The app uses keywords, collections, and various tools to help store and organize a lifetime’s worth of photos. The app also allows you to edit and share your images as well. For instance, prior to the event, I searched for “Playground” and came across all of these forgotten images of River at various playgrounds around the city. It made me so emotional. On one hand, I’m sad she’s gotten so big so fast; and on the other, I’m happy Peter has always been rather enthusiastic in the camera department—he never leaves home without it—and I had all these photos to look back on. Even though the camera/children conversation is a heavy one, often with so many opinions and emotions, I’m happy we’ve captured (and shared) some really good ones. Motherhood has this way of making you forget pieces, important pieces; and photography can give you some of those pieces back.

Thanks Google Photos for having us, and thanks to you readers for allowing me to share images that mean so much to us.

You can see how they have us categorized as people in the app below. So cool right?!

This post is in partnership with Google Photos! Thanks so much for supporting the partners that I wholeheartedly believe in!

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