Style Your Smile| 004

When asked about my second favorite lip color of all time, Diva, instantly comes to mind. It has this way of feeling equal parts dark, bright, sultry, and mysterious. The shade is known for it’s ability to look great on practically anyone. But is it seasonless? 

This Autumn, I’ve come to realize that it is. When assessing the state of my own Diva lipstick, I’ve noticed it’s barely-there existence. I’ve worn it on every occasion I could: The local bodega, school pick-up, brunch, late drinks, and far too many date nights. The opportunities to wear this shade seems endless. 

 Okay, I would love to hear your thoughts on Diva. Have you given it a try? If so, we suggest that you apply M.A.C.’S Vino lipliner first to enhance the tones.

(Photography by Belle Savransky for LaTonya Yvette. Modeled by Mercedes Clark. Makeup by Liana Prinzevalli. Trench  coat by Mr. Larkin. Wandering Jacket by Wray Collection. 

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