A FEED Supper!

The clock struck 6, and almost instantly, friends started to arrive. With each arrival, we chatted, we hugged, and we celebrated. Prior to 6pm I stayed level headed; designing, emailing, and decorating for weeks, with the help of an amazing assistant (thanks Dyana!). The invites went out, the donations came in, and the day arrived.

 I must start this by giving a bit of a disclaimer- I love to host, but almost never host larger events. Here’s why: I get obsessive about events. I make lists from the get-go and check them off as I go, I email vendors and whatever help I can pull together non-stop, and I almost always, by chance, have events on rainy days. All of which, leaves me a bit hesitant to throw my own soiree.

When asked by FEED to host a FEED Supper to help move the needle on world hunger through their initiative by setting a chain of gatherings and delicious meals in motion, I jumped in head first. All of my anxieties were put to rest, and all of my styling and managing skills were put to the test. Weeks later, I am still riding the high that was that night. The room was filled with artists from all walks; women who wanted to be a part of something greater than themselves. I fed them, and together, we gave over 6,000 meals!  

Rent Patina generously donated the furnishings, Buster and Fox provided the hand dyed napkins, Homecoming provided the floral arrangements, L’Amico provided the wine, The Meatball Shop generously and so deliciously, provided the meals, The Good Batch donated their massive and mouth watering ice-cream sandwiches, Kalen, lent me her fabric to use as a table cloth, my friend Court serenaded us all with her beautiful voice, and Concrete + Water lent us their breathtaking backyard (adorable Henry too! ) for the evening. 

My supper is done, but there are still a few days left to make an impact on food hunger around the world. You can donate to my FEED foundation (we are now over 9, 000- meals! ), or you can invite some friends and have your own FEED Supper!

A big thank you to Peter Staubs for capturing the event on video and Nicki Sebastian for all of the photography you see here, and all of my friends for attending and donating!

If you’re wondering: My dress is an oldie from Upstate, my shoes are c/o of Ricardo Medina, my earrings are a gift from, Scosha, from her soon-to-be-launched collaboration with Brother Vellies.

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