And So Goes Autumn

Another verse plays
Another draft gently strokes my shoulders and moves it’s way to my goose-bumped leg- ever so smoothly.

The music keeps playing.
The pan in the kitchen keeps sizzling.
The oven cranks on
Autumn is here.
We are here.

Another season of opportunity. The most exciting aspect of it all; the rest this season entails. My body embraces fall like it embraces a morning of crooning Billie and fresh brewed coffee in a steamy old Brooklyn apartment.

bump. bump. dum. dum.

Another string of verses float, and my body is caught in the music. I am paralyzed by the spirit engulfing our home, and the settled energy of our city that is waiting for us right outside our door.

The leaves tap on our porch table. The bodies of our backyard bikes creek at each gust of wind. The curls atop the heads of my children are settled, no longer sticky and matted from summer’s humidity. They’ve been left to freely move in their distinctive pattern.

The sweaters arrived. The sneakers did too. The hats are on their way. Jackets are washed and for now-gloves are stowed away neatly in a musky old basket.

In what seems like a moment’s notice autumn’s air has shifted this city-as always and without disappointment. We are throwing ourselves in deep.

The music booms on.
The stove keeps on cooking.
The kids keep dancing.
The oven is warming.
Our spirits are here.
We are here.
Autumn is here.

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