Updating A Room On A Budget

We’ve been here for some years now, and after a brief stint to see how the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill market is with two kids, we quickly retreated to our comfortable apartment. With every apartment being cut into studios; barely enough living space for a single adult, we were quickly reminded how good we truly have it. The neighborhood of our dreams, a full bedroom for the kids, and neighbors we adore.

With that said, our apartment needs to be updated. We have been doing this slowly but surely. A paint coat here, more organizational tools there, selling things and buying things. I’ve also started making plans for our shared yard for next season, now that our private porch is all set up.

When Framebridge reached out and asked if we wanted some frames, Peter was the one who geeked out the most. As a videographer who has spent most of his life documenting things for work, and now, so much of his time documenting our children, he loves companies like this. Not just any kind of company, they have to be of great quality. He’s picky about those kinds of things, and I don’t blame him.

With updating in mind, we decided to give the kid’s room a turn on the updating wheel.  Peter picked out a few of his favorite photos from my instagram account and a few from our hard drives, and sent them to Framebridge to get printed and framed. We were able to design the layout of their gallery wall together, and we actually agreed on which frames fit their room best. We plan on adding a bunk bed (a surprise) along with a few other things. But for now, the frames made such a huge difference already! It provided some personality, and matured their room a bit.

More photos of their room behind the break

We received our framed photos, and it kind of felt like Christmas. Peter was in love with this one of River, in particular. I took that photo of River while watching the sunset from Red Hook a few months ago. Since this frame was as big as him, Oak loved it. He kept kissing River’s in the photo, and it was the cutest thing! 

Even though we considered it, we decided not to send this blown up photograph to Framebridge to get framed. I am just a little concerned about a picture over a baby’s bed. But knowing that if we choose to move it in the future, we can get it framed from them is a major plus.

 When creating a gallery wall, I always like to lay the photos out on the floor or bed, to get a better idea of how it will look. It’s great because Peter usually hangs the photos, so he uses the floor layout as a guide.

What I love most about Framebridge is how easy and stress free they are. The quality is amazing, but the ease in invaluable. As you virtually shop for your frame, they help you by putting the photo in the prospective frame, helping you imagine how the photo would look. You can also customize your frame. Pretty much, anything that you’d like. Each framed photo came with a nail, so we didn’t have to dig in our tool box! And if you need help hanging, they can point you to a service that will come and hang your photos for you. Super convenient.

Today, as a special bonus for readers, Framebridge is offering 20% off of your order of $59 or more, with the code LATONYAYVETTE20! (code expires 11/30/2015)

Happy framing!

River’s room before Oak arrived. 
Their shared room 
Oak’s nursery

This post is in partnership with Framebridge, a cool and quality company we all love. Thank you all for supporting my partners.

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  • Reply Danette August 14, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    I'm a 54 year old woman in love with Oak…..

  • Reply LaTonya Yvette August 18, 2015 at 4:38 am

    hahaha I'm okay with that Danette. He is such a little charmer. Me too. 😉

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