Style Your Smile| Orange| 003

This morning, I woke up to a cool breeze floating through our bedroom window, and on nights out, I’m gently forced to grab a sweater for me, a jean jacket for the kids, and a swaddle blanket too. For good measure. A huge part of me is soaking up every morsel of summer style. But equally, there is a part of me that looks at the jeans in my dresser and the blazers in my closet with a looming desire. I’d like to layer again without sweating, and find a good leather jacket to rock without shame. A pair of ankle boots to wear with a floral dress, will due too.

I know this feeling… it’s familiar. It mirrors the feelings I have when Christmas is over, and we still have to endure winter. Not completely the same, but very similar.

Despite my eagerness, in a few weeks, when I’m packing up the kids’ swimming gear, and saying so-long to movies in the park, and Pops on The Highline, I’ll be rolling my eyes at this post, and at the eagnerness to exit such an exciting season.

In true fashion, here we go, the last installment of Style Your Smile (orange lips). With an Autumn feel, of course.
Cooler weather makes me want to give all of the deeper shades a good try, but I do love the unpredictability of wearing an orange lip  in the fall. Are you itching for fall too? And does rocking an orange lip with a few extra layers, appeal to you?
 jeans- Asos| jacket- vintage (similar)| shirt- similar| Hat- similar Sandals- Asos 

Photography by Katherine Rose for LaTonya Yvette. 

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