Motherhood This Week

This week was busy and long, and as we bounced in-between the doctor’s office for stitches and dehydration, and well check-ups and made the pharmacist our friend, time slowed for a bit. Despite the business of it all, and the pure manic that seemed to overtake me from time to time as I struggled to juggle all of motherhood, I fell completely in-love with my children deeper than before.

I find it strangely familiar and bizarre that as a mother, each day is new and filled with so much endless love. Despite the hiccups, we’re willing to pull up our boots and slash through the mess of life with tenacity and love. At any given moment, whenever we are called, all dreams and goals, and plans are dropped. Not only because they need us… but because, we need them.

In these moments, we are more than vessels, but continuous forms of bright light and love in their little lives. We are reminded that as our hearts ache when days are tough and cuts are deep, our love grows times ten. In the rough times, we are reminded of our strength and that deep-gut-pull to mother.

These are my babies, and they are growing and time isn’t waiting. This weekend is for slowing down and savoring every ounce of childhood I’m able to witness. I hope you have a good one.

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