We’ll Take The Summer

Last week, River had her pre-school graduation. During her ceremony, she recited poems and signed songs, and I became extremely watery eyed. Okay, I was crying. I held onto Oak, and as he continually reached-out in an attempt to grab River from her steady place amongst her peers, there went another tear from my eye. I tried to wipe each one casually, in fear of freaking her out. It’s time to head to pre-k; to a “big girl school,” with new teachers and new friends. So many adventures await.

There were many emotions that hit me over the course of these past few weeks leading up to her graduation, and after her graduation. Initially, I was met with fear. Fear of the unknown for my sweet girl. Now, I am truly feeling so much gratitude and joy. I’m thankful and joyful because, this summer is just beginning. Somehow, I’m finding peace in knowing that is the last summer where reading lists and summer homework packets are not required. The thought alone, gets my bones itching for adventure. She has no idea what elementary school has in store for her; truthfully, neither do I. But what I do know is this; this summer is ours to take, and we’ve already gotten started.

Despite the rainy forecast that loomed over the city for the entire weekend, we tried our luck at some summer activities. For this day in particular, ice cream, plants, and ball bouncing at a new-to-us park was on the list of to-dos. The streets were quiet; I can only assume everyone had retreated to the warm and dry confines of their homes.
Between bouncing the ball in an all but abandoned park, and chasing Peter down the street, the kids worked up a little appetite. Munchkin, kindly sent the kids a few things to try this summer, as we adventure in and around the city. I particularly love how River and Oak feel independent while snacking on the go, and it makes tackling the busy outdoors during snack time seamless. Munchkin, makes Miracle cups that won’t spill, and Snack Catchers that won’t break. Their products are durable, and can easily translate and move with the kids, especially baby Oak who is that tumbling stage of babyhood. 

A few adventures we have on our summer list… so far:
The New Whitney
Bike riding over the Brooklyn Bridge
Victoria Gardens
Movies in the park
Pop-up Pool
The most ambitious splash pad
Picnics almost every day

Have any summer adventure plans? I’d love to hear them!

(Photography by: Peter Staubs)

This post was in partnership with Munchkin. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that I wholeheartedly believe in. 

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