July 4th Weekend

 How was your holiday weekend? I took last week off to unplug. It honestly felt so good to just tune out the world, and live in a bubble for a bit there. Though, I am now so behind on work, and my schedule is kind of a bit much as of right now. I’m learning to just say no when I have to. I’m also learning to be content with the fact that I’m not superwoman. Most importantly, tuning out is much more satisfying and easier than what I anticipate. To be honest, I’m trying to figure out a way to do it more. Not weeks, work won’t survive that; but a good balance for sure. I’m still enjoying the high that taking a week of rest gave to me.

Our July 4th was easy and relaxing, and so much fun. We went on a family bike ride in our neighborhood, and on our way back,  we got caught in the rain. The kids giggled on as we tried to ride furiously and safely through it. At one moment, Peter and I just stopped our bikes and decided there was absolutely no reason to rush through it, and to simply enjoy it. We did just that. Later that night, we both got emotional just thinking about those moments, and the impact they will have on the lives of our kids. Will they remember them? Oak, probably not. River, I’m almost certain she will.

On Sunday, we headed upstate to enjoy a small and severely chill water park. Our drive was scenic, and I probably spent too much of it trying to capture it’s beauty while the kids napped in the back. I want to do last week and this past weekend, a million times over. It was that good.

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