Christening Our Porch

Recently, I revealed our small porch makeover over on A Beautiful Mess (a post with more photos and some explaining about the layout etc coming this week), and talked briefly about what it means to have our own little space back there. I think for us, it’s hard to really feel that grass is greener feeling in this home. Simply because within these corners, we have all we need, want and more. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we dream of possibly having an eat-in kitchen, and a full three bedroom- but we don’t necessarily need it. And, with cleaning and cooking already being such a big task these days, while balancing two little ones, I’m not sure I even want a large kitchen in the future. (Now, a dishwasher… yes please!)

Besides finally putting photos of the porch on the world wide web, one thing was missing to make it’s makeover official- guests and a delicious dinner on it! That happened a few weeks ago, when Blue Apron sent me a few meals to try. We’ve worked with Blue Apron in the past, and reluctantly so, they have become a necessity here in our home. (You know, because in my head, I’m super woman and can cook every evening. See also, in my dreams my husband is a chef and can really throw down in the kitchen. Not) Despite fighting it, Blue Apron’s mission and products, and overall genius, is something that I stand behind. Life made easier and healthier, with chef created recipes that include farm fresh ingredients. The meals also get delivered to your front door!

So when my mom came back in town the other week, I knew it was time to showcase how creative I can be in the kitchen, and how awesome, pretty, and comfortable, our porch was too. To be honest, the whole event was a huge moment of pride kind of thing. It’s what one does when one’s parents come to visit. No?

“Mom, look what I can do! 

One of the meal’s that Blue Apron sent us was the Salmon Po’ Boy Sandwich, and it was so so good! I didn’t get many cravings while pregnant, but I did get them during the post-partum period, and boy, salmon was it. I had to take a few months off from eating it, because I think I ate too much in such a short amount of time. This meal was the best way to inch back into it.

We really had a great time that night. We got to catch up, and truly enjoy the porch with the ones we love. After years of dating, my husband found out some pretty telling things about me. Things that even I forgot. Things that sort of make sense, especially when I am jumping around the apartment prepping dinner, cleaning the porch, taking pictures, and smiling and sweating all the while. Hosting, and showing this side of myself, makes me so  happy.

A few more details about Blue Apron:
-They offer to types of plans; the two-person plan an the family plan.
– They offer a large selection of recipes and they add new ones to their menu on a weekly basis.
– There’s no commitment, you can skip or cancel the service at any time.
– Shipping is always free!

Blue Apron is kindly offering the first 25 readers, who are also first time Blue Apron customers- their first two meals free! You can sign up and redeem the offer here. This post was in partnership with Blue Apron. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that I believe in.

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