Bryr + LaTonya Yvette

 A few months back, Isobel, the creator and genius behind Bryr clogs reached out to see if I would like a pair of her beloved clogs. After taking a peek around her site, my answer was yes. Of course, yes!

Here’s the thing, my love for clogs has been a deep love affair since I found out I was pregnant with River. I wanted the height, but I also needed the comfort. Clogs… well crafted clogs, provide that for me, and many of the women I know. Each one of Isobel’s clogs not only provide what I believe are the basic necessities when wearing shoes while juggling children and a career, they’re also sustainable.  Each pair is handmade by her and her small team, in her San Francisco studio.

After owning my own clogs for some time, I had the opportunity to collaborate on a clog that I love, and that I hope you all will love too! This peep toe Sofie bootie, is a combination of persimmon leather and cement nubuck. Something that lifts your senses a bit, and grounds you as well. The specific style of the shoe is perfection, since it supports not only your ankle, but your entire foot with the large ankle strap and laces.

I’m really excited about this shoe, and this collaboration! I hope you can all join me in supporting Isobel.

Peter and I created this video over a few weeks, and I feel a bit spoiled to have him as my husband, and have him bring my ideas to fruition.

You can shop the clog right here.  Thanks Isobel, Peter, and you readers for always being so amazing!


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