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When I was pregnant with River, I remember finding out how anemic I actually was, it was bad. I thought I was just lethargic because I was simply wired that way. I was young, having fun, and working a ton too, so it seemed as if feeling like crap came along with my lifestyle. I was wrong, of course. During my pregnancy, I did my best to replenish. That meant Iron everyday and and eating food rich in iron as well; which was sometimes difficult.

Once I got pregnant again, my doctors did something new-they tested everything. They went beyond the standard, and really taught me a lot about my vitamin D deficiency. I found out that even though I was taking a lot of iron, being as vitamin d deficient that I was, had a ton to do with me feeling bad as well. My father-in-law (a doctor), went the extra step, and sent me plenty of reading material on it as well. I got the chance to learn about how crucial it is to make sure I get what my body needs on a daily basis.

Today, I partnered with Olly Nutrition to share how the vitamins my family and I take everyday, help us.

Women’s Multi Vitamin– I take this vitamin every single morning, without fail. It’s super easy and tasty, and it’s been proven to work for me. Besides seeing the results in my blood work (I am no longer extremely Vitamin D deficient), I’ve seen the results in my hair too. When people ask, how did I get my natural hair to grow so long and so fast, I jokingly tell them to get pregnant. But it’s not just pregnancy, it’s the vitamins that I took during and after. Postpartum, when my edges decided to fall out because, helloooo hormones, it was the vitamins that helped them grow back.

Restful Sleep– I take Restful Sleep every night I work late. After working with UP24 a few months ago, I noticed a few important issues with my sleep cycle. Even when Oak would sleep through the night, I was up and down; not really taking advantage of the full stretch of hours. When the day has been long, and I really waited too long to shut off my mind, and when I feel particularly confident in Oak’s sleep, I take one.

Kid’s Multi Vitamin– River is a picky eater. I’m not going to even sugar coat that. Besides our smoothies, I often fear her diet isn’t expansive enough. These vitamins are my extra security.

What I love most about Olly is that I’m not left to my own devices when searching what vitamins I should be taking. Their  vitamins are expertly blended, and by simply heading over to their site, they can point you in the direction on which range of vitamins to take on a daily basis, all based on your specific needs.

Have you been taking your vitamins? What blend do you think you need the most? I find the beauty one kind of interesting, too.

P.S Olly is holding a fun sweepstakes I thought you may want to hear about! One lucky winner (and a friend), will win a day at a spa and a six month supply of Olly Vitamins, plus a consultation with Olly’s resident nutritionist. The first 100  runner ups will receive a free Olly product of their choosing. You can enter the sweeps here!

This post was in partnership with Olly Nutrition, thank you for supporting the partners that I wholeheartedly believe in.

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