Oak’s Birthday

On Wednesday, June 17th, Oak turned one! That night, we celebrated with my immediate family and best friends, in our apartment. We sang happy birthday and had homemade cupcakes and cake, and pizza to devour. We’ve never really hosted a party during the middle of the week, but it went off without a hitch, and everyone had a blast, especially Oak! That boy sure loves attention. 😉

On Saturday, we decided to have a second party for him, but this time, just baby friends. I wanted to keep it super simple and easy going. Friday rolled around, and Saturday’s weather was looking quite gross, so we moved the party up a few hours to avoid the heavy rain. As hours went on, friends apologetically canceled one by one, and really, that was okay. It was a super relaxing park picnic, and I think infant parties should always come with ease. Despite the rain, we really had an amazing time, and a pretty good turn-out. We all sat under a large tree in our favorite park, where we didn’t even feel the rain.

I had always dreamed of having a baby who’s birthday was in the summer, since River’s is in the winter. I wondered about the decor and adorable themes, and how easy it would be. Even though it rained, this little get-together was so easy. We kept with a “natural” vibe, and I think it really suited the day and the occasion.

A few photos

Most of these photos were shot on our iPhone by friends. Thank you friends! Goodness, I can’t believe a year has passed already. I know I might be a bit biased, but Oak is one amazing and sweet baby, and I’m honored that he close me to be his mama. Here’s to many more!

And doesn’t it seem like I just announced his birth?

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