A Beautiful Weekend

The weekend was so beautiful. I often find myself staring at people, wishing I was an actual photographer, and had the capacity to capture their beauty the way my eye would see it in that moment. It was one of those weekends where I kept saying, “well, thank goodness for a good memory!” If my camera can’t catch it, my eye can, and I’ll store all the beauty up.

And in typical fashion, I later noticed that every other photo had an orange theme. I just can’t quit the color. How was your weekend? 
P.S In-between it all, I created a gofundme account for my friend Kelly (with her blessing), with my friend Dani, to help as they navigate childhood cancer in baby Ivy. It’s so sad, but also, so beautiful to see the community pull together. If you’d like to read her full story and donate, you can do so here.

PPS. If you’re wondering, my head wrap scarf is from the wonderful ladies of Block Shop Textiles. 

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