Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Sorry, this is coming at you fast, because I am always behind on this sort of thing, and it’s my first Mother’s Day as a mom of two! I know this is going to sound all cliche and everything, but I really can’t believe it! Oak is now 10 months, and I am starting to plan his first birthday celebration. I’m sure I will be sad on that day, and the weeks leading up to it, but right now, I feel pretty good about it. He seems like a baby in almost every aspect still. Whereas River, River always seemed like an old soul. She was always pretty independent, and stayed content being by herself. Oak is another story, he loves to be held and entertained. He’s incredibly easy going, but goodness, he really loves to climb on me and pull on me, and to lay on my chest; attention in any form will do. I love them so much.

Here’s a little bit to guide you this holiday:

This swing shelf because some of us really want a swing, but can’t fit it in our apartment, but we will gladly settle on a shelf that represents one. Or, you can make one, which would be way hotter and sweater, if we’re being honest. 
Fresh flowers on Mother’s Day, always a good choice.

 The most beautiful ceramics made with love from my best friend Lauren.  

She’s probably like me where she always forgets to buy herself an easy staple. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Bensimon’s. 

Sometimes a card says a lot. Also, they’re having a sale, take 20% off with the code POW.

And when all else fails, personalized jewelry always does the trick, I love this designer, and this is super cute.

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  • Reply Megan Hayes June 14, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    Where are the rings from you posted in the first pictures? Thank you!

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